Give Thanks in All

Give Thanks in All

For church people, giving thanks should be a natural and regular event and state of mind. We are instructed to give thanks in all situations.

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Asaph is mentioned in 11 Chronicles and Nehemiah as a songwriter and singer along with King David. However, in Psalm 73 he is a man under trials and perplexed by events going on around him. We’ve all had times of being despondent and disappointed. We’ve all been overwhelmed by things life can throw as us.

Here, in Psalm 73, Asaph finds himself weak and feeling as if his foothold is slipping. He is feeling envious of those who seem to prosper although they are wicked. It appears to him the prideful unbelievers have whatever they want. He even questions if he has followed the Lord in vain.


BUT GOD…Asaph went to the sanctuary of God and remembered what the end meant for those who had traded their soul for earthly things. He remembered the end for him meant life eternal in the presence of Jesus.

How do we handle these times of despondency?

Do what Jesus did.

  1. Jesus had Peter and the other disciples who He chose purposefully. Matthew 26:36
  2. Jesus opened up His soul to them. Matthew 26:38
  3. He asked them for help in His spiritual warfare. Matthew 26:37
  4. He poured out His heart to the Father. Matthew 26:39
  5. He rested His soul in the almighty God. Matthew 26:39


During this Thanksgiving season don’t forget the say “Thank You, God!”