I remember wanting a car so much when I was a teenager. I couldn’t wait until I turned 16 to go pick one out. I took care of that NEW car like it was the greatest possession I had ever owned. It was the most expensive thing I had ever owned. LOL! I washed it weekly. I serviced it regularly. It never lacked for anything if I could do it. Then as years passed, other things become more important than the car. The NEW wore off it. My Bible reading this morning talked about the NEW we were given in Christ. Has it gotten old living for God? Do we need to change the way we do things? (Ephesians 2:1 And you He made alive, who were dead in trespasses and sins.) I was driving down the road a couple days ago and I had a warning light come on. The light said maintance needed. I hadn’t paid attention to the service sticker on the windshield and had driven the car more miles than I was supposed to without changing the oil. It was time to change the oil. The vehicle needed to be taken care of before it developed a bigger problem from neglect. I wonder how many Christians would avoid a lot of life’s issues if they would pay attention to the warning lights? How often we neglect to maintain our daily devotion, prayer, and Bible reading until it leads to bigger problems for us. We need to maintain the NEW LIFE that God has given us. If your warning light is on, do something about it today. You will feel renewed! Pastor Don