A Good Father

A Good Father


A good father is a guardian, a giver, gracious, a guide, a goal setter. We need some dads who will prophesy to their children and speak positive things into their lives.

He is a guardian.

To be a father that God would have Him be, a dad must seek for the assistance of our Heavenly Father, Who through His gifting and anointing enables fathers to go about the task of leading his family.

He is a giver.

Not only does he provide food and shelter by the toil of mind and hands, he also provides love and support. He provides wisdom, and imparts life lessons into his sons and daughters. He adds perspective and direction to the dreams of his children, and counsels them in the ways of the Lord. Most of all he provides a spiritual example of what our Heavenly Father is like.

He is gracious.

A good father is not self-centered and high-minded. He is interested in helping his children have a better life than himself. He working for their good. He wants his wife to be all she can be for God. He wants his children to grow up into the person God wants them to be.

He is a guide

As a dad, you need a prayer life. God’s intention is that a father is to intercede for his family. Nobody can pray for those kids like a dad can. No on e can pray for his wife like a spiritual dad can.

He is a goal setter.

A good father speaks into the lives of his children. He tell them what they can be and what they can do. A good dad tells his children what God’s Word says. When they sin, he tells them, “You’re better than this Repent and wash you sins away.” When they’re sick, he tells them that Jesus is “The Healer”. When they are depressed and discouraged, he tells them “Trust in the Lord and lean not to their own understanding and He will direct their path.”

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