Harvest Homeschool Pricing

  • Registration: $65 per family up to 2 students and $20 for each additional student per academic year not to exceed $120. Registration will not be processed until registration form, parent/guardian proof of education, and payment have been received.  All returned checks will be subject to a $35 returned check fee. Registration is open in July of each year. Registration fees are non-refundable and are not prorated.


Attendance and Grades Reports Submit and Due Dates: 

  • 1st Semester K-12 – JANUARY 1-15
  • 2nd Semester Final Grades – K-11 JUNE 1-15
  • 2nd Semester Senior Final Grades – MAY 1

Registration for the next school year will not be processed until grades and attendance for the previous year have been submitted.

Graduation fees will be applied upon registering for 12th grade. Transcripts will not be released until fees and grades are submitted.

** NEW STUDENT: Please register as a new student if you were not registered with Harvest Homeschool the previous school year. In the comments, indicate if your student was enrolled with Harvest Homeschool in the past and withdrew to prevent duplicate records as withdrawn records are archived.