5-20-19 THOUGHT FOR THE DAY. GOD’S WAY!! THE WINNING WAY!! Most of us are happy when we get what we want. It’s our human nature. We are not so happy when we are able to get what we want. How often have you heard a child crying at a store because they could not get what they wanted? The reason the child is crying is because the parent knows they do not need what their hearts are desiring. The parent provides what is more important for the child instead of the child’s desires. We as adults use other tactics other than crying to show our displeasure when we don’t get our way. We often pout, withdraw, become irritated, and use other actions to try to persuade others to do things our way. We need to learn the winning way that comes from a close walk with God. We learn that our wants are not so important. (Psalm 25:4 Show me your ways, Lord, teach me your paths.) The only way to win in life is to do things God’s way. It’s the only way with a promised ending. Even if doing things God’s way doesn’t get you what you want, you have the satisfaction of knowing you have obeyed His voice. The satisfaction of knowing that you have pleased God with your actions far out weighs any satisfaction that your selfish desires can bring you. Live life God’s way. It’s the only winning way! Pastor Don [image: See the source image]